Dashboard Development

Design and build interactive dashboards for your analytical and report automation needs

Dataset Construction

Build high performance connectable datasets to support your analytical requirements

Advanced Analytics

Draw inferences from multiple data sources, build statistical models to cater to your business analytical requirements

Database Administration

Store, organize and manage your data. Ensuring data integrity and high security

Analytics Architecture

Design and deploy your architecture and infrastructure tailored to your business requirements

Solution Advisory

Advise and assist clients to design powerful analytics solutions and integrating them into their businesses

Data Terminal

Data Terminal brings you the latest news, coupled together with Viz, bringing you real-time data on your clients and tenants, in-depth research and powerful analytics and visualisations capabilities - in one fully integrated solution. Powered by Tableau, the Data Terminal Viz brought transparency to marketers. It connected market participants to a ground-breaking data, analytics and information delivery service.

Clearly define your target audience.

Quickly identify your target audience for each campaign by splicing and dicing data with our interactive dashboards.


Age Group


Membership Status


Purchase Behaviour

Track your campaign performances.

Track and compare your marketing campaigns' performances with our campaign dashboard. Identify popular redemption items, top participated campaigns and analyse redemption traffic to help streamline your marketing strategies.

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